New Orleans
Parrot Head Club
Points System

“Parrot Points” are used by our club to determine which club members will be offered the opportunity to purchase, at face value, tickets that are provided by Jimmy Buffett’s management company and our National organization, Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. Parrot Points are offered by the club to encourage community service and participation in the duties of the club. Each individual Parrot Head club determines the procedure used in exchanging Parrot Points for the opportunity to purchase concert tickets. Parrot Points cannot be purchased or traded.

Parrot Points are awarded as follows:

Meeting Attendance
1 point
Points are awarded for attending the monthly meeting.
Personal Community Service
1 point
Any personal contributions you may make, be it monetary or timewise to improve and support your community.
Community Service
2 points
Participation in the Alzheimer’s Walk, Covenant House Run, Bridgehouse Fund, etc.
Club Events
3 points
Supporting an organized event of our club. (Blonde Strangers, Booze Cruise, Bar Crawl, etc.)

Supporting the organized event of another Parrot Head Club. (Any club that is in the PHIP charter that invites our club to their events.)