From Sheila:

“Yep, that’s JB himself here at the cafe last Thursday night playing with our own “JB”, Joe Bennett! Jimmy was in town checking on his newly finished boat and decided to come party at the cafe. In a total surprise to everyone, he decided to take to the stage and ended up playing for over two hours to an intimate crowd of about 35, most of them family, friends, some of the Krispy Kreme gang, boat designers/builders and some of the cafe staff. I know Karen P. had sent an e-mail earlier last week seeing if folks wanted to meet up at the cafe for Joe’s Thursday show, and now I can’t believe no one made it!

Jimmy and his crew showed up fairly late in the evening while Joe was playing and it didn’t take him long to take to the stage, borrowing Joe’s guitar. (Joe – Did he ever reimburse you for that broken string?) He played a few of his own songs and the majority cover songs, accompanied by a drummer from Kentucky only known as “Cheese” who ran up on stage after Jimmy complained about wishing he had a drummer. Talk about being in the right place at the right time…

After jamming with “Cheese” for awhile, Jimmy called Joe up to the stage and they played together well into the night as shots of tequila and rounds of Coronas made their way around the room. Even when Jimmy seemed finished, Joe got back up to play some more and not to be outdone, Jimmy climbed right back up there with him. How many times did he do that, Joe?

But I’m hoping Joe will share his experience with everyone once he comes down off Cloud 9 – and the tequila fog clears…I know it had to be a thrill for him as it was such a thrill to watch. We’re proud of you, Joe, but you must share your story when you get a chance. And Marr, I’m afraid you may have been replaced as Joe’s “guest artist”…sorry! And Bret, I’ll never complain about working late again! :-)”

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